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Advanced Web Surveys Advanced Web Surveys - offer many exciting advantages over the pre-packaged products available on the web. Our internet survey sofware was developed in-house and is a proprietary system. Most online survey packages can play multimedia files, show images and offer simple logic for question skip patterns and forward piping of answers, as does ours. But when you need to conduct a research survey that requires compund sample quotas, balanced sample versioning for low-incidence, random sample with augment sample fulfillment, overlapping non-mutually exclusive groups, random page display, conjoint, discrete choice, Max/Diff scaling, timed media display, real-time segmentation or other complex techniques then you need an advanced web survey. DVR West can design, program and host a survey that will meet your needs.

Data Cleaning Data Cleaning - Errors and inconsistencies can be discovered and cleaned prior to processing. There may be duplicate records, logical errors or fields that must be reformatted. For large databases or data files the task of cleaning out these errors can be a difficult one. DVR West will get your data clean using either custom software specifically designed to clean errors and inconsistencies in data files and databases or work with tools available for popular office-based products.

Data Extraction Data Extraction - Isolate data from any file or database based on your specific criteria. Extracted data can be merged with other data sources for additional analysis or presentation in a variety of different formats.

Data Merging Data Merging - Merge data into differing file and database formats. DVR West is equipped to handle most common file and data types.

Stat Analysis Multivariate Statistical Analysis - Explore the relationship between and among multiple variables in a data set. Multivariate techniques include regression analysis, analysis of variance, factor analysis, discriminant function, clustering among others.

Crosstabs Crosstabs - Traditional banner/stub formatting including all percentaging options, ranking, significance testing, indexing and special formatting.

Charts & Graphs Data Visualization - In other words, charts and grahics can be produced using any number of software tools and saved for use in presentation packages, PDF's or web sites.

Other Stuff Other Stuff - Custom Reports, Consulting, programming.