DVR West Inc.
• Marketing Research • Survey Research
• Analytics  • Reporting  • Data Processing
• Business Intelligence • Statistical Analysis
Las Vegas, NV

About DVR West

DVR West Inc. was formed in 1995 in Las Vegas, Nevada as a complimentary company to Data Vision Research Inc. Data Vision Research was founded in Princeton, New Jersey in 1983. Where Data Vision Research offered in-house data processing services such as data entry, computer tabulations, database programming, etc. primarily to the marketing research industry, DVR West embraced the internet and its related technologies and expanded its offerings to a wider audience.

In addition to producing sophisticated custom online surveys for our clients DVR West provides statistical analysis, reporting, data visualization, web design, hosting and consulting services to the Marketing, Marketing Research and Business Intelligence communities.

Some Additional History

As a result of requests for software designed for internal use by Data Vision Research, in 1987 Detail Technologies Inc. was formed to further develop and market software products targeted to the marketing research industry. Over time the DTI software product line became popular within other business disciplines. Detail Technologies was disolved in 2003. However, its software is still in use by many of its initial client base.