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Glossary of Selected Terms

Plain language descriptions of common terms used in the research arena

Banner - In traditional crosstabs the banner refers to the column headings for data tables.

Crosstab - Also referred to as a contingency table and/or pivot table. A Crosstab is a report consisting of a column and row matrix that calculates the count, sum, average or some other statistic for each intersecting point, or cell, in the matrix. For example, a crosstab might be Age Category vs. Income Category. For a two-way crosstab the statistic displayed is of the intersection of the column and row variable. For a three-way crosstab the statistic displayed would be for a third variable that occurs at the intersection of the column and row variables.

Marginal - Also referred to as a Flash Report or Frequency Count. A term originated by the early marketing research community to refer to raw frequency counts of the answers that were obtained from surveys or questionnaires. Marginals are frequently used to check or confirm crosstabs.

Stub - In traditional crosstabs the stub refers to the annotation used for the row descriptions for data tables.

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